Zach and I are engaged! We are so overjoyed and overwhelmed by the love we have received in the last
24 hours! Tuesday we had a date day that Zach was planning and I had a feeling he might propose, but I
wasn't getting my hopes up. I know most engagement stories you hear are these grand and lavish events with
lots of people involved, but that just isn't us. I wanted his proposal to be simple, personal and intimate. Zach
proposed to me in a park at night overlooking downtown Orlando skyline, which is perfect because we were
both born here and have lived in Orlando our entire lives. By the time he was going to propose, I knew it
was coming. He started off by saying, "So babe..." and I immediately started crying, haha! After 5 to 10
minutes of Zach saying beautiful things to me, half of which I can't remember because it was such an
overwhelming moment, he pulled out the ring and said "Jessica Rochele Bennett, will you marry me?" and
I didn't waste a second before saying yes!!!!!!!!!! My favorite thing following the proposal, Zach laid back
on the grass with his arms stretched out said "I'm so glad that is over" with a huge sigh of relief. It was hilarious
and so him!
Three and a half years spent with my best friend by my side and many more amazing years to come! I cannot
wait! Let the adventure begin!


  1. Great story! Haha I love his reaction after you said yes. Congrats to you both! So excited for you :) - Jeanne

  2. Awww that is so sweet! And that ring is awesome! :D