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Thank you to Engaged and Inspired for featuring this lovely black, white and gold, intimate engagement 
dinner party shoot! 

An intimate get together with the members of your bridal party to get them acquainted before the wedding day. 
And who doesn’t love a good excuse to entertain? The idea behind this shoot was to give the most important people 
in the bride and groom’s lives a chance to get to know each other and have a good time before their big day. We were 
inspired by the classic black and white theme and added a sweet touch of honey! Vases were filled with honey and 
hand painted gold honey jars held informal posies. A ruffled cake added a modern touch, while still being very classic. 
The wedding party also got a chance to practice posing and getting comfortable in front of the camera. 

So wonderful collaborating with Dishie Rentals, Peplum Events and Design, Rifle Paper Co., Lalita Paperie + Design
Buttercream and Roses, Other People Property, with styling by Josh Owen and Dana Roquemore, And Hair/Makeup 
by Sarah Willis.

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