photo honeymoon-48_zps2ddc99f7.jpg
 photo honeymoon-46_zps48f837a2.jpg
 photo honeymoon-47_zps77d1584d.jpg
 photo honeymoon-49_zps5ba9f434.jpg
 photo honeymoon-9_zpscbb3f0ae.jpg
 photo honeymoon-10_zps8b66a300.jpg
We found this little cafe (above) across the square from our hotel (middle building below).
 photo honeymoon-13_zps1910c1e3.jpg
 photo honeymoon-14_zps18411f33.jpg
 photo honeymoon-51_zpsee310f34.jpg
 photo honeymoon-50_zps57e0a600.jpg
 photo honeymoon-55_zps631e3db0.jpg
 photo honeymoon-16_zps16e2ac21.jpg
 photo honeymoon-15_zpsba73d9ac.jpg
Hot Wine is a thing and pretty delicious.
 photo honeymoon-008_zps97ae85d2.jpg
 photo honeymoon-17_zps3bb4f94c.jpg
 photo Switzerland-5_zps7d1c0856.jpg
 photo Honeymoon-007_zps71a11013.jpg
Switzerland was a restful time. We ate lots of cheese and croissants as we walked along Lake Geneva.
 photo honeymoon-18_zpsf08a7edf.jpg
 photo Switzerland-2_zps146ddade.jpg
 photo honeymoon-21_zpsbdf4c4be.jpg
 photo Switzerland-4_zpsc538cb07.jpg
 photo Honeymoon-009_zps48735406.jpg
 photo Switzerland-3_zpsacfd0cb9.jpg
 photo Honeymoon-011_zps40bf4172.jpg
One of our favorite places to visit was the chateau de chillon, it was so beautiful and filled with so much history. We had a few traditional dinners, but of all the places we are in this city our favorite was La Rouvenaz. And the local wine was amazing as well!
 photo switzerland-1_zps6a36f82e.jpg
 photo honeymoon-20_zps162ac396.jpg
 photo honeymoon-43_zps3eb28cee.jpg
 photo honeymoon-63_zpsf284a8ea.jpg
 photo honeymoon-24_zps6eebc800.jpg
 photo honeymoon-23_zps43468037.jpg
I think we spent more time outside of the Louvre than inside, haha!
 photo honeymoon-22_zpse310a839.jpg
 photo honeymoon-2_zpsff0963ab.jpg
 photo paris-4_zpsa3187a99.jpg
 photo paris-2_zpsf50f65d5.jpg
 photo paris-1_zpsa09e12f2.jpg
 photo honeymoon-32_zps55e04d51.jpg
 photo honeymoon-33_zps7df6a0fe.jpg
 photo honeymoon-5_zpscf30f146.jpg
 photo honeymoon-4_zps3c30c3f8.jpg
 photo honeymoon-3_zps5dcd5953.jpg
 photo Honeymoon-002_zps5cb22fc6.jpg
 photo honeymoon-25_zps21d69eb4.jpg
 photo Honeymoon-001_zpsc8570624.jpg
Zach found Chipotle (above left). Pastries from our neighborhood bakery, Maison Gantier, (below left) were the BEST bread and pastries we have ever had! My favorite store, the Merci store, so festive! (below right)
 photo Honeymoon-003_zpsf0736b42.jpg
 photo paris-3_zps5b86b2ac.jpg
Coffee every day!
 photo Honeymoon-010_zps6be09435.jpg
 photo honeymoon-8_zps0b370889.jpg
Versailles, lots of gold and mirrors.
 photo honeymoon-67_zpsbfab8a7e.jpg
 photo honeymoon-68_zps7ef36020.jpg
 photo Honeymoon-004_zps0bea3c08.jpg
 photo honeymoon-70_zps9995ce48.jpg
 photo Honeymoon-006_zps5494df19.jpg
 photo Honeymoon-013_zpsce9bc557.jpg
 photo honeymoon-42_zpsda950cce.jpg
Last, but not least, the original Chanel store!
 photo Honeymoon-012_zps0da944ae.jpg
(Photos are a mix of iPhone and Canon)

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